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Albania an important gateway in the heart of the Mediterranean

Culture, Travel July 18, 2017

One hour flight distance from European capitals. Stretches along seashores of the Adriatic and Ionian seas. More than 300km of coastline. Memorable holidays. Unexplored shores. A varying landscape of nature. More than 2700m high mountains. More than 7700 acres of forests. Hidden Valleys. In the heart of mountains, tall-stone architecture, guest houses. More than 3200 plant species. Among Europe’s biggest water resources. More than 500 lakes. 12 National parks spreading across 39% of the country. More than 20 underwater caves. Sport and adventure. More than 5000 years of history. 7 Ancient theatres. Unesco heritage. More than 95 cultural monuments. More than 250 days of sunshine per year. More than 160 castles and fortresses. Fresh bio food. Capital city Tirana is a dynamic vibrant metropol. Youngest population in Europe…

Famous Albanians acknowledged around the world for their achievements;

  • Blessed Teresa of Calcutta – Commonly known as Mother Teresa
  • Ismail Kadare – A universal yet deeply rooted in his won soil writer it has been compared to Gogol, Kafka and Orwe
  • Jim Belushi – Hollywood well known actor musician and comedian
  • Inva Mula – An opera master class singer
  • Ibrahim Kodra – An internationally renown Albanian painter
  • Fadil Berisha – Albanian born world famous fashion photographer
  • Ferid Murad – Winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine
    and many more…

“Albania is an inspiring example of religious harmony” Pope Francis in Tirana September 21st, 2014. Albanians are great believers living in a peaceful coexistence.

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